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National Cancer Institute

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Contact Tel :(202)23651894 - 23626774
Fax: (202)23644720


Hospital description: The establishment of the National Cancer Institute in 1959 and the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up patients with tumors since that date. Institute serves about 200,000 patients a year, about 80% of them are free of charge and the rest follow the health insurance and the state's expense and pay.


Number of hospital roles :: 7 the number of hospital beds :: 230 standard rooms: the first an excellent first grade second grade economical operating rooms: Yes Number of Rooms: 5 intensive care unit: Yes Other sections: Blood Bank Unit binoculars digestive system Department of Laboratory Physiotherapy Radiology Pharmacyhospital meals for patients and escorts the latest equipment in the hospital: surgical robot other disciplines: tumors of Medicine - Pediatric Oncology
Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo, Egypt
fom el 5aleg




Sayeda Zeinab, cairo, egypt
fom el 5leg


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