Prevention is better than cure

We aim to provide comprehensive medical information for the Arab man over the Internet. This work out of deep faith entitlement rights of Arab always better, we look forward to provide the maximum of information and medical consultations for the browser and the native language - Arabic, and seeks to be a tool contributing to the care of your health and the health of your family according to the best medical standards world as we seek to enable doctors and specialists in the field of health take advantage of the information contained in this site in order to improve the dialogue between them and their patients and communicate with patients of all places whether it be via the interactive network or different types of medical content or through telemedicine.

Ain Medical objectives :

At the level of patients:

  • Medical service delivery to the patient rather than transfer the patient to the medical service.
  • Help the patient to identify the nearest hospitals, clinics and medical centers has specialized in the area needs.
  • Take advantage of the medical evidence ( diseases Encyclopedia , Encyclopedia of drugs , health issues ) .
  • Benefit from the experiences of doctors by asking questions and getting answers from reliable sources and experts to comment on the content .
  • Provision of medical services in rural areas, where it can be detected in major specialized hospitals without having to incur the rigors of travel ( once you go to the nearest health unit and the unit makes contact with the hospital using the site and major appointed Medical Applications ) .

Telemedicine :

  • Asynchronous transfer where the communication and interaction at the same time between the doctor and patient on the one hand and on the other Advisory : the possibility of a conversation ( voice and image directly ) with a specialist doctor for medical advice . If the patient available to the appropriate camera - so he could shoot the injured part of his body if he needed a doctor so on - can perform a full medical examination of his house.
  • Transfer Ametzamn where the doctor moves the delivery or the provision of medical material by video, computer or any other means or receives response is obtained from the consultant at a later time .

At the level of ordinary people , doctors and service providers :

  • Advertising on the site to get through a special page to attract new patients.
  • Watch educational videos and taking advantage of educational medical evidence .
  • Participate in the medical bulletins and news reports for the site and managed to suit the interests and knowledge of the latest medical devices and how to get it .
  • Make a lot of news and articles of scientific and medical discoveries and browse medical encyclopedias with the presence of a lot of pictures related diseases .
  • Allow the publication of articles and medical discoveries .
  • Identify and communicate with others in the medical community , especially through the interactive network .
  • Reached Encyclopedia of people who are willing to donate blood or organs of the body ( such as the kidney and liver)

Than previously realized the following benefits :

  • Medical communication by creating a distinct mechanism of communication between the community and the medical sector .
  • Development of the local health situation through health education.
  • Advising on the hands of medical experts, doctors and specialists.
  • Continuing medical education for all stages and health disciplines and do scientific and professional activities .
  • Recognition on advertising and medical developments for the bodies and institutions working in the health care sector .
  • Radio news and events and all that is new research, lectures and conferences , local and international medical purpose of achieving interaction and integration to raise the efficiency of medical .
  • Coordination and communication with various medical associations and the reunification of medical institutions : hospitals , pharmacies , doctors' offices , medical associations , insurance companies , health care centers , laboratories centers , pharmaceutical companies.


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