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Rules and controls organic / Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
Please take a moment to review these rules detailed below. If you agree with them and wish to proceed with the registration, simply select the option to "OK" and then press the button "Register" button at the bottom.

Please remember that we are not responsible for the messages that you write. We generally do not ensure or guarantee the accuracy , completeness or usefulness of information, and we are not responsible for the contents of any message.
Posts express the viewpoint thread , and not necessarily the point of view of the health site . Any user who object to any message we encourage you to contact us directly by e-mail . We have the ability to delete the offending messages and we will make every effort to do so within a reasonable time frame , if we decided to delete the necessary participation .
You agree , through your use of this service , that you will not use this forum for the dissemination of false information knowingly and / or defamatory , abusive , vulgar, calls for hatred , harassment, threats , for violating someone's privacy , or violate any law.

You agree not to post any material here does not have the intellectual rights ( copyright ).
Please all members and visitors wishing to join the membership forum read these instructions before register and participate
First - organic and recording alias :
1. Shows in his name the title of Doctor must be to identify himself and only organic canceled .
2. Alias ​​must be chosen carefully and accurately because the nickname is considered as your login ID to the Forum
3. Date may not identical or similar names or calls for confusion between them and the names of the supervisors , either closely or from afar, so be sure to check out the list of names before registration supervisors
4. Do not display the e-mail address in the signatures
5. Not to put signature includes words or indecent images . Please commitment to the size of the signature and choose a small signature that does not exceed 5 lines
6. Maintain your personal information to re-enter the password and is this part of your own risk

 Secondly - contraband :
1. Prevent exposure of all that hurts to any monotheistic religions were.
2. Prevents exposure of the doctrines and religious sects , cultures and attitudes of others .
3. Prevent exposure to the rulers of the Islamic countries and all scientists in bad debt , which could generate discord and raises emotions and this includes the names of the States or the names of certain persons .
4. Ridicule prevents any member of members or supervisors and supervisors either directly express or implied or Ktelmahat may affect a member indirectly . This includes sentences provocative and ironic , which may raise the ire of others or phrases that direct criticism of a member or exposed them to defame .
5. Do not put any declaration within the posts or to sign either forum , site , or shops or other without the consent of the administration .
6. Users of the Forum dating between the sexes and spinning and pornographic images and words intended to sexual excitement.
7. Prevent repeat the same subject in more than one section .
8. The user's right to object , but without transgressing the sacred limits of literature

Thirdly - distinctive writings :
1. Address must be expressed for the content of Version ( avoid the hottest such an important topic , very urgent , please attention, special and important ... ) and it should be far from the excitement.
2. Better determine the gender of the writer any word from the words of the definition of sex ( such as male , female .. etc.).
3. For subjects transferred from another site on the Internet should be mentioned that ( Moved ) for scientific secretariat
4. Asked not repeated the same topics in the forum , you must make sure that the search in sections
5. Attention to the quality of the subject matter and place it in its proper place of Site
6. Respond to the attention of those involved with you in your subject in the general sections and not ignore them and interact with them

Fourthly - obligations edit participate , modify , or delete :
1. Any post contradicts what was stated in ( II - contraband )
2. Typographical errors in the Koranic verses , and errors that disturb the sense or تحرفه or deformation of beauty
3. Harmful words that may be received from unintentionally.
4. Soft words from men to women and vice versa. ( Darling , dear, and Galletti ......... and the like )
5. Thread will be closed , which is where the debate in an inappropriate manner , with the deletion of bad responses .
6. Posts that contain literary theft , which could harm the reputation of the forum. Therefore, care must be taken to mention the word movable or similar.
7. General topics will be deleted directly duplicate
8. Posts contain spying education and penetration or transport links to sites based education
9. Posts which include spreading malicious rumors or incitement to the ruling regimes
10. Posts that contain offensive words of literature and public morality.
11. Ties that reach indirectly to unacceptable sites legally or conventionally .
12. Posts and links that talk about the problems of other sites
13. Writing posts include objections to the administrative procedures , it can not accept any objections and will be deleted if his writing , but messages can be used to contact the General Supervisor ( Supervisor )
14. Put your postal address by signing or otherwise

 V. - triggers the suspension of membership (expulsion):
1. Any post contradicts what was stated in (II - contraband)
2. Repeat as mentioned in (IV - triggers Liberation participation, modify, or delete) deliberately
3. The use of pseudonyms inappropriate and unacceptable
4. Attach files that contain viruses through the site in order to harm others
5. Writing messages affect the performance of the program of the Forum
6. And complaints about harassment of members or adverse mailing letters through on-site Special Correspondent
7. Warnings level access to higher grades

VI - complaints and observations:
1. Any complaint must be sent against the administration, supervisors, forum, or any member of the General Supervisor (Supervisor) through personal messenger only and should not be so openly in the form of participation in any section
Seventh - GENERAL alerts:
1. General Musharraf has the right to close the on-site registration for periods determined by the login.
2. Member has the right to object to the decision to supervisors and that a private letter to General Musharraf.
3. If ăŃćŃßă on replies or improper hope that you will alert supervisors
4. Remember that writing secretariat .. You are responsible for the Day of Resurrection, write what you like to see there


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