Prevention is better than cure

First, the patient: the patient can watch the news , different subjects , but must- Participate in site ( free membership ) until he gets on a page of its own containing record medical and other information about Loki able to comment on posts or ask questions (max one question on the day of membership free ) or book an appointment at a clinic or hospital . There is another level of membership where the patient will be able to enjoy the full potential of the site, and come to the doctor and have a direct conversation with him through the site.

Second, the doctor : doctor can get a membership where one existing on the site to make sure of his identity in order to allow him to respond to questions from patients and here has a doctor's page with some limited data of its own, but must be the work of Premium Membership paid even enjoy feature- many offered by the site such as: the possibility to download CV its own fully on the site accompanied by certificates and degree of scientific , business advertising and publicity for his clinic on the site, design Banner, the work of publicity for its own through the site, the inclusion of his name in the search results in specialization and the area where the clinic , and there are many levels for membership of the doctors .

Third, hospitals, laboratories, laboratory , pharmacies , pharmaceutical companies and medical device industry companies and unions , insurance companies and medical schools students and researchers ...

Membership is divided into four levels:

The first free
The second for people in the amount of 120 pounds in a year
Third Doctors participation of 400 pounds in the year (for each doctor profile and how to book him and his propaganda services)
Fourth companies and factories in the amount of 700 bush in the year to take advantage of marketing services

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Fourth Level request


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