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Disclosure of the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder

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Known as TMJ disorder as one of the most factors that cause mouth pain, particularly pain associated with chewing food disorder is complicated by the lack of effective treatments for it.

Medical News. Able Researchers identify protein is important in the treatment of pain associated with the disorder TMJ may be the discovery and promising in treating the disorder, has revealed the researchers that the protein TRPV4 who belongs to the protein ion channels and allows the passage of calcium quickly within cells and are of an important role in inflammation and pain-RELATED disorder detailed temporal mandibular.

This protein resides largely in the sensory nerves, specifically in the trigeminal node responsible for the sense of process in the head, face, and associated infrastructure Kalasinan tongue and TMJ.

The researchers found in a study on mice lab that lack the gene responsible for Altobeiran this protein led to reduce the feeling of pain, but researchers also noted that the use of material works on the inhibition of protein led to the effect similar to reducing the sensation of pain, therefore, the use of inhibitors of protein TRPV4 may contribute to the development of treatments new for the treatment of chronic pain associated with TMJ disorder.

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