Prevention is better than cure

Disease, high blood pressure causes the death of about 9 million people in the world every year

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Is a disease of high blood pressure risk factor may refer to, and is accompanied by serious illness, and in that we can control and reduce blood pressure through our lifestyle, we offer you the Web. Medicine and on the occasion of the World Day for blood pressure, some practical tips to control blood pressure, in addition to video shows how to do home measurement of blood pressure, and a computer to measure and adjust the heartbeat.

Affected the lives of people I were from the same forces that affect the nature of this life and posed a: Reconstruction population, rapid urbanization, and the globalization of unhealthy lifestyle. It is worth noting here that the resource-rich countries face the same health issues just like poor countries, for example, turn non-communicable diseases and lifestyle-related diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung to the first causes of death in the world.

There is no doubt that one of the main risk factors for heart disease and cardiovascular disease are high blood pressure. We do not exaggerate when we say that about 1 billion people worldwide are affected by high blood pressure leading to heart attacks and strokes. In addition to this, the researchers estimated that high blood pressure disease kills about 9 million people each year.

But however, the danger is not supposed to be up to such a degree. Where they can avoid high blood pressure. Doing so is less expensive, and safer for patients, through the intervention of invasive surgery or procedure dialysis (Diyalaza), which may be needed when it is not to treat high blood pressure and neglect.

Awful for high blood pressure, he serves as a silent killer and is invisible, rarely causes symptoms. Therefore, the public vigilance is the key to early detection of the disease. More importantly, everything that high blood pressure is a warning sign must do a radical change in lifestyle immediately.

So people should know why disease is a serious high blood pressure, and how to take steps to control it. They know that high blood pressure and other risk factors such as diabetes often appear together. To raise such awareness, should the health authorities of different creation and promotion of lifestyles and health practices such as: a balanced diet, reducing salt intake, avoid the harmful use of alcohol, practice exercises moderate, and the abandonment of tobacco, as well as the proper use of medicine.

Started in some high-income countries by reducing the levels of high blood pressure disease within a population اوساطها of public health through policies include, for example, reduce the levels of salt in processed foods and increase the level of diagnoses and treatments that are struggling blood pressure and other risk together. By contrast, many developing countries, including Arab, unfortunately, is witnessing a steady increase in the number of people who suffer from heart attacks and strokes because of the risk factors for stroke undiagnosed and uncontrolled as high blood pressure.

The relationship between atrial fibrillation (a heart disorder) and high blood pressure:
High blood pressure is considered as the most common cause or the main risk factor that leads to injury atrial fibrillation (a heart disorder). The merger between injury atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure may significantly increase the risk of stroke!
Valrgevan fibrillation is a common problem caused by irregular heart pumping, and usually reflected pulse quickly. And when the heart is not pumping properly and normally, the blood clots can form in the heart, hurtling toward the brain and cause a stroke.

So it is important to follow a heartbeat to make sure whether a natural: you can measure your pulse at the same time which measure your blood pressure. Heart beat faster than normal is usually more than 100 beats per minute, and sometimes at 150 beats per minute. Difficult to detect irregular heartbeat or rhythm. The symptoms vary from malaise and irregular blows in your chest, to fatigue, fainting or nothing at all. So better to see a doctor in this matter.

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