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After the laser process .. Success rate and complications

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Success rates of laser glasses removal of various techniques, is very high, but in order to get the desired results after laser process and to ensure the success of the process accurately, it is necessary an appropriate examination prior.
I have used eyeglasses to the pre six decades, to assess the problems of view. And two and a half decades ago, entered uses a laser to solve the problems of consideration, can be done without difficulties or complications?

I've discovered a new way in the calendar of problems during World War II. There are those who believe that the beginning of it was after a flying accident, led to the damage of the Russian military pilot, due to glass fragments. When doctors discuss his case shows that the convexity of the surface of the lens of the eye (corneal layer) and caused a change in the optical beam fall on a different dimension inside the eye. Took advantage of one of ophthalmologists and named Professor Viodrof, this idea to explain the case of people who suffer from disorders in the matter, and concluded by saying that he could be an amendment to these people by refocusing the fall of light on the right dimension on the surface of the retina, so by changing the degree of curvature of the cornea, Just as happened with the pilot in the accident.
Professor Viodrof, has conducted a series of cracks from the center of the cornea and even limbs and implementation of remedial operations left in the cornea of ​​the eye pressure, and led to the change of degree of convexity and thus improve vision. These surgeries were somewhat effective, but they were not safe.
Before the two and a half decades of time, after the discovery of the laser, developed laser uses include eliminating the need for medical glasses. When the use of lasers in these processes, the result was more accurate, often without the risks or complications. Since then treated more than 90 million people to get rid of laser glasses.

Different styles to get rid of laser glasses:
Targeted to all methods of laser treatment to get rid of glasses, treatment of the cornea - the outer layer that protects the eye. The aim of all of these different styles in therapy, to change the curvature of the cornea to focus the rays of light in the eye in the right way.

There are two ways to get rid of laser glasses:
One is working to change the surface of the cornea and the other targeting the deep layers of the cornea.

Treatment of the surface of the cornea
The advantage of this method, is to avoid the surgical procedure in the eye and reduce the likelihood of the harm caused by the cornea and the ability to consider. While confined disadvantages in the need for several days of recovery and healing, and a gradual stabilization of vision.

Surgical treatment
Is, according to this method, events or incision wounds in the upper layer of the cornea, before starting the laser treatment. This method is characterized by rapidly healing, because you need an eye for a relatively short time for the return of stability to see. The basic Saitha of chances they include the existence of larger damage to the eye due to the surgical procedure and the weakening of the cornea. So, should keep in mind that a significant amount of risk, may appear within the years after the laser process. Advised not to undergo this type of operation for the people, if the cornea have a minute, or the same building is irregular, athletes or people who will help them glasses with a degree calendar high, while advised to conduct this type of people who need a short time to recover, or who avoid feeling pains after process. As for people who wish to refrain from the risks and complications that may arise in the wake of the operation, they should choose the first therapeutic method (without surgery), but they should remember that they will need several days to recover, or perhaps feel disturbed and pain in the wake of the operation.

Apart from that, In both methods, the results are similar in terms of improvement in the severity of after stability Vision (two months after the operation).

The success rates of laser glasses removal of various techniques, is very high, but it is necessary an appropriate examination prior to the success of the process accurately.

SIRIUS device laser operations to remove the glasses:
This device is used as an adjunct to the surgeon in the process of evaluating considering to get rid of glasses, can the wounds from getting to portray three-dimensional of the front of the eye, as well as careful planning of the surface area of ​​the background of the cornea, as there may be some flaws in those areas of the cornea, which does not appear on the surface . In addition, this device gives a precise blueprint for corneal thickness at each point.

Help the SIRIUS system to show the front part of the eye the whole room, the eye headlights, iris, and lens interior, located behind the iris. This data helps the surgeon is important to limit the possible risks, and make careful planning that reduces defects sighted and temporary blindness that appears after the operation.

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