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Symptoms of weakness consideration in the elderly

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Accompanies the process of aging changes in the eye and symptoms of weakness consideration. Fortunately today can treat most vision problems in a professional manner in adults and reduce its impact on everyday life. In some cases, it's as simple as buying a new pair of glasses. Here's an overview of some of what distinguishes the problems of the eyes of the elderly.


After the age of 40 shortly no longer the eyes of many able to focus on things up close. This phenomenon is called presbyopia. In addition to the need to put books and other reading materials from a distance, there are other signs of presbyopia (symptoms of weakness) as follows:

Difficulty in reading small letters


Eye strain

With the passage of time, harden the lens of the eye, and change the muscles around the lens also with age. These changes reduce the flexibility of the lens, so it can not change shape to focus images on the retina, the light sensitive tissue in the eye.

Length of sight can be treated by contact lenses or glasses. Bifocal (bifocal) is a special type of lenses with a power higher than the concentration in the lower part. Is optimized for the elderly who suffer in addition to presbyopia, myopia as well. People who do not suffer from myopia, they can use Nzart read-only. Refractive surgery is another treatment option for presbyopia.


Light passes through the pupil of the eye, and comes through the lens to the retina. As well as to focus the light, you should be clear lens. With age the lens tends to damage and result in blurred vision. This phenomenon is known as a cataract. Technically cataracts is a disorder and is not part of the natural aging process, despite the fact that three out of four people between the ages of 75 suffer from cataracts.

Symptoms (cataract), cataracts, may include:

Blurred, Ngiem vision

Double vision in one eye


Sensitivity to light and glare

Cognitive problems color - look yellow and pale colors, it is difficult to distinguish between blue and green.

Contrast sensitivity - the difficulty in seeing the object on the background of the same color

In the early stages of cataract can change the prescription glasses that helps. The use of bright light can be easily read, you can even use a magnifying glass. If there is no appearance of halos at night, it is recommended to reduce driving in the dark. In the event seemed cataract influence on the daily performance, an eye doctor can remove the cataract surgery. It involves removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with a clear lens implant. You consult with your doctor about the type of eye contact lenses desirable.

Relationship flies symptoms of weakness

Eye filled with gel-like material that creates its circular shape. This article is called liquid glass, as we get older shrink liquid crystals are formed of liquid glass. These crystals casts the retina and cause the emergence of flies in the visual field. It is usually harmless natural part of aging.

Flies can appear in patches, coil or wire moving in space, even when the eye does not move .. Is more obvious when you look at something bright blue Azure, and more common in people who suffer from severe myopia or persons who have undergone cataract surgery.

If many of the flies appeared suddenly, this means that some glass separated from the retina in that one. In some cases, this indicates a break in the retina of the eye. If you experience loss of peripheral vision and seeing flashes of light, it is a sign of retinal detachment. If not treated, it can lead to retinal detachment vision loss and blindness.

Dry eyes

Tears are not just a byproduct of a sad movie, or a failed relationship. Tears keep your eyes moist, and reduce the risk of injury and maintain the surface of the eye smooth and clear.

Eyes sometimes produces a small amount of tears or tears of poor quality. That can happen dry eye at any age, but is most common in adults over the age of 65. Can increase the hormonal changes in menopause the risk of drought in women. And other factors that can contribute to dehydration, such as contact lenses or dry climate.

Symptoms of dry eye include:


Feeling of irritation, roughness or tingling in the eye

Increase the secretion of tears

Blurred vision

If the drought is severe, it may lead to corneal damage and confusion vision

Drought-light and artificial tears prescription will solve the problem. For the most serious cases we recommend you to consult an ophthalmologist.


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