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We all know that we must exercise physical activity, health and physical activity, and includes many of the deeds.

But, it is very difficult to find a time vacuum between the various tasks that we do every day. Also people accustomed to performing exercises consistently, sometimes pass them periods where it is not possible find a vacuum hour to get to the gym.

However, organized physical activity is an integral part of the lifestyle to maintain our health. Depending on that, we have to understand that in order to live life with high energies, we practice a particular physical activity even when it seems, at first glance, that is no time for that.

So, with all the pressure, how to find time to exercise during the day?

We make a little effort and compile minutes exercise daily distributed throughout the day. It سيدهشك, but these minutes contribute to maintaining good health and high energy level.

For people who are wondering whether to exercise a few minutes per day can be effective? The answer is yes. Began our article this before nearly four decades in Japan, with the base of the 10,000 step. According to this rule, it is in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, every person walking at least 10,000 steps during the day.

10,000 steps turned into a global trend, enhance the counter after entering the use of steps (Pedometer).

10,000 base step was examined through a large number of research. According to one prominent research published the second Canon 2008 that in order to maintain good health and a healthy weight, you must walk about 11,000 steps during the day cumulatively.

Good news بالنسة the us is the possibility to gather pace and get the results during the day without the need to allocate a special time for it. People who collected the number of steps on a daily basis managed to maintain good health, and even lose a little weight.

How to walk 10,000 steps per day?

First, the most important rules are staging and follow-up. The person who runs the office and the majority of time will be a sitting position, he walks about 2,500 steps a day on average (without extra activity).

In order to improve our physical, we begin each week by adding nearly 1,000 extra step daily system today. After that, we add more steps until we reach the 10,000 step which they crave.

How to add steps to the present day?

As we said, there is no need to dump a special time for the gym or other training (if that's possible, then of course it is good). We just have to find any opportunity to use our legs.

Here are some possibilities:

1. Used the stairs instead of the elevator - according to research, the use of stairs between two to five times per day. Contribute to the flow of blood to the brain and blood fat-melting. Climb بالسلالم the pace should be commensurate with the fitness you have, but it is desirable, of course, increase with time.

2. Stop the car away - if you you go to work, for home, for friends, for Commercial Complex - Stop the car away from your destination and Give yourselves a chance to walk more steps.

3. Tenshoa for longer distances - whether to وحدكم or if you are possessed dog, Arise بتدليله of a picnic longer than usual. This is useful for both of you.

4. العبوا boys with - Arise the implementation of the activities and entertainment full of energy with the boys. Instead of installing the images by sitting or watching a movie, العبوا with garden games or save.

5. Come out with friends - instead of the traditional sit down for coffee and cakes in the cafe, they met with your friends walk through or another sporting activity, and so you can increase steps.

Perhaps you now difficult to imagine yourselves, go out of their comfort zone and start applying the above tips, but in order to maintain yourselves and for that you will be healthy, strong, active and beautiful, you have to understand that your body is hungry for this activity.

Each person could certainly find ways suits him to add to his life and steps important to you to use a simple change, starting today.

* Note: The way the 10,000 allocated to move people, office workers and those who do not train consistently. In order to achieve great results at a faster pace, you must practice consistently.

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