Prevention is better than cure

And treatment of sunburn

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Sunburns occur, as a result of injury scorching sun and incandescent, especially electromagnetic radiation within the areas of ultra - violet (UV).

Hence the main risk for sunburn and especially in our region. Rays that cause sunburn are basically Radiology is visible, وزد the so she Radiology penetrate light barriers visible Kalgiyum.

So also on a cloudy day, you can easily burn injury Solar, and not all that obscure visible light, shadow, protects necessarily of Radiology - UV and damage caused.

Why you should avoid sunburn and treated?

Sunburn is a disturbing phenomenon, but do occur then expire alone? Not exactly. The beginning, do not cause radiation (UV) damage to the immediate and short-term, but also harm the genetic components of skin cells. This damage accumulates over the years, and many succeed correction mechanisms in cell repair.

In addition to that, the body tries to protect itself from the sun by division and hyperactivity of the pigment cells - and those are exactly the phenomenon that leads to sunbathe. Great Schism, in addition to the accumulated damage - DNA, is a sure recipe for getting cancerous skin changes.

Thus, the exposure to radiation (UV) and sunburn is a major risk factor for the development of pigment cells cancer - melanoma.

Not only cancer - and even accelerated aging

With that cancer is the biggest threat of sunburn, but there is an aesthetic defects give rise to. That exposure to X-Ray (UV) and especially intense exposure to sunburn, lead to the acceleration of the natural aging process of the skin, including wrinkles, skin color change, dehydration and cracks.

This is in addition to the problems of the eyes that starting from the aesthetic problems down the risk of vision, associated capacitor by exposure to X-Ray (UV). Cataract is an example of that - with the inception stems from the normal path, but the radiation exposure to the uncontrolled rush of it, and lead to lower transparency of the eye's natural lens faster.

Reduce risk factors

The many false beliefs, emerged with regard to exposure to the sun, sunburn and treatable, but there is one fact very true - namely, that the owners of the skin and hair conquerors carry a greater risk for the development of sunburn.

Also there are different Pharmaceuticals (a large part of which is related to skin medicine), which could increase the risk of the development of solar burns from exposure to the same level of Radiology (UV.

In summary, it is important to remember very well that no relationship between temperature and the heat of the - (UV), especially in high places (and cold) where there is a lower level of "liquidation natural" sunlight by air pressure, and thus be a ray of - (UV) stronger. So sunburn occurs in the country especially in the cold seasons skiing - in the winter.

So how diagnose sunburn?

It may sound obvious, but the diagnosis seed (in the sense of a list of other ailments that may lead to the emergence of similar signs and symptoms) in the case of sunburn, and very wide. What helps more than anything in the accurate diagnosis is the relationship between the time of onset of symptoms and exposure to the sun.

When exposed to sun burns module, may appear Alma and heat after 3-5 hours of exposure to X-Ray - UV. Only after about 12-24 hours up for the full seriousness of symptoms, and usually turns the skin to become red, hot and painful. In serious cases may show pockets and "peeling skin", and usually expire within 3 days.

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And treatment of sunburn!

The majority can be treated topically sunburn at home, it is rare that one is forced to go to the emergency room. In case of serious sun burns, especially those attached pockets and peeling of the skin and severe pain, it is advisable to go for medical treatment.

In cases easier, the homely treatment for sunburn is the first preferred treatment. Topical preparations, especially those containing medicines and feeds anti-inflammatory (Kalalovira for example) - all of these can ease and enable the body to perform its functions.

The most important action is to refrain completely from exposure to UV rays during the recovery period, where the skin is irritated too sensitive to radiation damage. As mentioned above, the difficult cases requiring medical treatment professionally, so in the event of inability to afford the symptoms and not improve within a day - two should go for a medical examination.

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